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The Secret Strategies That Helped Me Quit My Job And Make A Full Time Living From Kindle Publishing...REVEALED

It's Controversial, It's Unfair, It's Emotionally Scarring, BUT IT'S DAMN EFFECTIVE

Just kidding...

What’s up, this is Jacob from The Elite Keyword Mastermind,

And even the most successful publishers in the world use these “evil”
powers for good (and like I do, so should you, so use with caution)

Listen, I’ve been there.

This frustrated guy who was SICK OF WORKING A 9-5
JOB who couldn't see an end to the "daily grind" and
my situation…

I wasn’t fulfilled with what I was doing, and it sucked.

But it didn’t “really” bother me, until one day I was
searching through YouTube on how to make money online
and I found out about Kindle Publishing,

I watched videos about it and was HOOKED

I had to try this whole “make money while you sleep"
and "online passive income" lifestyle thing out

For my first few months of publishing online I wasn't seeing great results,
I didn't have much direction and needed guidance on what to do.

I kept learning more from Emeka Ossai's videos, eventually
became his first student for My Self Publishing Blueprint,
and found myself going back to Emeka for mentorship (true story, Emeka
was my best digital friend for months)

I Was Finally Starting To See Results, But Was "Stuck" At Making A Flat Income From Kindle Publishing For Months Straight

After about 4-6 months, I examined all my existing books and determined what was working for me and what was not. I then published a short guide on "Yo-Yo Tricks" that cost me $150 to produce, boom I made over $3,000 from 1 book

I felt like this was life changing for the first time

A couple months later, released another guide for a different keyword. It's made me over $10,000 in sales and cost me $200 to produce
From that moment on I decided to really take it to THE NEXT LEVEL. And that’s when I officially quit my job, and pushed my publishing business harder than ever, until I got the results I wanted.

Over 20 Videos of No-Fluff Break-down of EVERYTHING that encompasses my publishing strategy with STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTION that will help you reach higher levels of online income through Kindle Publishing and How To Dominate Your Competitors For Otherwise "Saturated" Keywords You Could Not Touch Before

Split Up Into 3 main sections:


You'll have the strategies and "best" approach to publishing that all the top publishers use but don't openly talk about on YouTube or anywhere else:

  • The Right Approach to Self Publishing, Starting Right Now. How to make RELIABLE, LONG TERM passive income from Kindle Publishing and achieve CONSISTENT daily sales you can rely on
  • My Ability to DOMINATE Keywords, EVEN Entire Niches. I've proven to do it over and over again, and now it's your turn to experience the thrill of feeling like an absolute LEGEND while making more from Kindle Publishing than you ever have before
  • The Life Changing Breakthrough You Need In Self Publishing. Believe me, I know what it's like to be "stuck" making the same amount of income from Kindle Publishing for months straight. It's time to reach NEW LEVELS in your own publishing income and PAY OFF YOUR DEBT, PAY OFF YOUR MONTHLY BILLS, EVEN EVENTUALLY MAKE A FULL TIME LIVING FROM SELF PUBLISHING

Casus Belli

Your "Coach in a Box" Guide With EVERY Step, A-Z On What You Need To Do For Pushing Your Publishing Income Further, Quicker Than You Imagined

  • ALL MY CRITERIA FOR THE "IDEAL" KEYWORDS THAT WILL PUT MONEY IN THE BANK. Every single trait & characteristic for the right keyword that you can use to launch your eventual online brand & empire on Amazon, THE FULL GUIDELINE FOR YOU TO FOLLOW THAT LEAVES NO ROOM FOR ERROR
  • Every single aspect of production you need to consider before hitting "Publish" for your book to succeed. I make sure that you do everything necessary to cover all bases before going out to market and inside the battlefield of your competitors. There's no "luck" in the equation of performing well with a book, and I grant you access to the formula that ensures you no longer experience shortcomings for a profitable keyword
  • The ENTIRE process I use to cement my book's success in a keyword and reach INFAMY with insane monthly sales. I take you behind the curtain of EXACTLY WHAT I DO in achieving the results for individual books that have made me famous in the Kindle Publishing community. Students have paid thousands of dollars for what I teach in this course and the complete "do this, do that" for your publishing business is here
  • What To Do If Sales Slow Down Or Start To Stagnate. Let's be real - things can fluctuate or become unpredictable with the Amazon marketplace as things continue to change & evolve. I show you what I do in reviving books that were performing well and then suddenly dying off or significantly slowing down in sales
  • Once fully set up under the steps & guidelines I teach you, what to expect. Do you think that making $30 a day from Kindle Publishing consistently is remarkable? THINK AGAIN - THE ROAD MAP TOWARDS YOUR DAILY INCOME GOALS ARE HERE, I'M DEFINITELY LIVING IT AND SO ARE MY STUDENTS WHO ARE CRUSHING THE KINDLE PUBLISHING GAME MUCH FASTER THAN THEY EXPECTED


My Greatest Contribution To The World Of Kindle Publishing - My Secret Marketing Strategy That DESTROYS Competition - EVEN GOOD PUBLISHERS CAN'T STOP ME FROM DOMINATING BIG TIME, POPULAR KEYWORDS (NO BS)

  • FINALLY, MY MONEY IN THE BANK MARKETING STRATEGY IS REVEALED! Every single trait & characteristic for the right keyword that you can use to launch your eventual online brand & empire on Amazon, THE FULL GUIDELINE FOR YOU TO FOLLOW THAT LEAVES NO ROOM FOR ERROR
  • THE EXACT SETUP I'VE BEEN USING TO TRAMPLE EVERY COMPETITOR IN THE KEYWORD OF MY CHOOSING. They've tried and they've failed, every time. I have this strategy down to a SCIENCE and it is absolute genius, if I may say so myself
  • HOW I BLOCK COMPETITORS FROM MAKING SALES AND EVEN CAUSE THEM TO LOSE MONEY. Because no one has seen this strategy before (until now), publishers have yet to come up with a "counter" or a solution against it. Again, they have tried but only lose money in the process and eventually give up. Hell, I wouldn't know what to do if someone used my own strategy against me - I'd probably move on to another keyword
  • EVERY TRICK AND TECHNIQUE THAT CAN BE DONE WITH TRIFORCE. Want to send customers to Book A? You can do that! Or how about Book B, which is your newer release - you can do that too. Got the bundle ready as Book C and want to give it a killer launch? Triforce sets you up for ultimate success - and there's nothing that anyone can do about it
  • UNCOVER THE PSYCHOLOGY OF CUSTOMERS ON AMAZON AND "GAME" THEM INTO BUYING YOUR BOOKS. The irony is, what you think "wouldn't work" for selling your books ends up being one of your main tools in making significant online income. While every other publisher follows the same strategy, I developed a setup that is COMPLETELY ORIGINAL and no one would have ever thought up of. I never achieved a consistent month to month income at a high level until I came up with the marketing strategy that was largely responsible for HELPING ME QUIT MY FULL TIME JOB

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Jacob Rothenberg
Jacob Rothenberg

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